Written in a format that draws from mid-century American exploitation cinema and simmers with noir-ish nuances and a dash of Bollywood flavor, THE RED HOT GRIND SHOW explores a world where beneath the ordinary lies the sordid and exotic. From pirate radio deejays filling the airwaves with Grind music to modern-day beatniks slamming spoken word poetry in New York's Lower East Side, the lively story lines weave together for a wild ride that’s full of kicks. The Red Hot Grind Show is Elmore Leonard for twentysomethings; it's James M. Cain meets Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, and John Waters.


What is Grind music?  It's RAUNCH-O-BILLY!  It's RHYTHM N' BOOZE!  It's EXOTICA FUNK!  It's the BULLET-BRA BLUES!  It's straight-up BURLESQUE BOOGIE!  Download the album NOW, and HEAR the sound of THE RED HOT GRIND SHOW!